Delinquent with your food log? Try the Eat and Tweet!

congrats, you are two weeks into bootcamp and if you are reading this blog, chances are you still coming to class everyday(or close to it)!

now that two weeks are done, i’ve got a question for you… how’s that food log going? if you are like me, you are facing a few problems. one, you can’t find your food log. two, you can’t remember what you ate through the day. three, that food log we get on the first day is spaced so tinily that it only fits breakfast. four, when you do remember you are slightly ashamed at what you ate for the day (hello accidental 3 pieces of fried chicken for breakfast).

whatever your reasons are, sometimes it’s tough to keep an accurate log. i have two options for you: facebook and twitter.

facebook is generally public and all your friends can see what you eat as you post it. the only problem is whether or not knowing people will see your log will keep you from reporting your food accurately. positing on facebook could be a positive if it helps you not eat that extra cookie(or five), for example “that chicken fried steak looks like it would be yummy as a dessert after dinner… but darnit, i’ll have to post it on facebook. guess i’ll stick with an apple.”

for those of you are that are shy like me, i find twitter is the best bet. unless you have people following you (that is up to you), twitter can be your own private food log. if you feel like sharing with me or directly with bootcamp, feel free to add us(@foxbehungry and @bootcampsf). i personally love seeing what other people are eating and also as a bonus, if you see what i’m eating you will probably think “at least i’m eating better than that guy!”

below is an example of what my food tweets look like. i’m a big fan of waiting till the end of the day to post what i eat, but if you have time, after every meal is good too as you can keep a log of when you eat along with what you eat.

and if you have a droid or iphone, you can download a twitter or facebook app so that you can never use the excuse of not having your paper food log on you!

hope you get a chance to try the “Eat and Tweet.”

have a good one and “see you outside!”

p.s. i’m not sure if it’s taro or tarot. and cib = carnation instant breakfast. twitter teaches you to abbreviate as much as possible when you try to cram a days’ worth of eating in one post.

after a short 2 and half year hiatus, the BCSF Blog is Back!!

welcome to the BootCampSF blog (BCSF blog)!

as you can see, the BCSF blog was up and running in 2008 and went on a short hiatus of a little over 2.5 years. fast forward to today friday, june 3rd of the bootcampsf friendly year of 2011!! woooohooooo!!

please visit this site often as tips and stories about food and exercise will be posted on at least a weekly basis (hopefully much more!). pictures and videos to follow as well. if you have comments or questions feel free to post them here or email or

what or who is foxbehungry you ask? well that would be me! i’m a fellow bootcamper like you. this is my second session and so far so good. i’m no professional athlete, just your garden variety san franciscan who wants to get into shape without having to become dependent on an indoor gym for exercise while at the same time getting to experience san francisco like never before. and by that i don’t mean anything deep and spiritual, just that it’s nice to be in golden gate park at 6am, almost on the verge of being wide awake as opposed to stumbling through the park on no sleep and waiting for the hangover to come in a few hours time…. at least that is what i hear some people do. not me. never.

anyways, so why the name foxbehungry? well the behungry part is easy, i’m kind of always hungry. even after eating a couple of doublecheeseburgers and thinking that i am full, if someone were to offer me a slice of pizza i would not say no to that slice (or french fries if they just happen to be around as well). as or the fox part, it’s not cuz i’m super good looking(just moderately so) or that i’m sly, clever or that i swipe things(cultural reference to the villain of the dora explorer show). it just so happens that it is my middle name. ta-da! sorry if that was anticlimactic.

so there you go the first post of the newly restarted BCSF blog. see below for more ways to contact us. we’ll do our best to provide information and be entertaining!

thanks and have a good evening! (where i blogged about my first session of bootcamp, check it out and let me know what you think)

Update! Winter Session 1 Pricing

11/17/08 Winter 1 Session Pricing

This session includes 4 and 1/2 weeks of classes from November 17th – December 20th and excludes Thursday and Friday classes, the week of November 24th for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

The special rates are:



If you still want to work-out over the Thanksgiving Holiday, you have the option to sign up for classes that weekend for an extra fee.


$30 for two classes: Thursday, November 27th and Friday, November 28th. Classes will take place at Golden Gate Park at 9am. If demand is increased, we may offer more class times.

Candy Jar Challenge

We challenged our campers this past week to throw away the junk-ridden candy jars lurking in their offices.

The prize? $50 off their next session of BCSF. All they had to do was e-mail a photo of themselves dumping the candy into the garbage.

Here’s winner # 1– she’s a part of Raul’s 6am Group @ Golden Gate Park:

Friends of BootCamp

Come join some very special friends of BootCamp at this Obama fundraiser, tomorrow night at the Rickshaw Stop on Fell Street, between Van Ness and Franklin Streets.

All you current BootCampers, just need to promise us that you’ll have a glass of water for every
alcoholic beverage! And be sure to get home in time to rest up for early morning Friday workouts!

T-Minus 3 Days!

There is still space in most BCSF classes for our session that starts on Monday, October 6th!

Have questions or concerns? Be sure to get in touch with Catherine by email: or by phone at 415.921.8537. We’ll be workin’ round the clock to ensure a smooth start for everyone on Monday.

No Excuses Week

What is this? It’s our break week between sessions and we offer classes only to our returning members so that you can keep your progress going. The workouts are vigorous and a little longer than a typical BCSF workout (1.5 hours).

When: September 29th – October 3rd
Cost: $75
Register by email only:

Class Schedule:

Golden Gate Park

6AM – 7:30AM Monday, Wednesday and Friday
8:00AM – 9:30AM Monday, Wednesday and Friday
5:30PM – 7:00PM Monday, Wednesday, Thursday


6AM – 7:30AM Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Dolores Park

6AM – 7:30AM Monday, Wednesday and Friday